Ed White & James McDivitt

ewhite.jpg - 17636,0 K mcdivitt.jpg - 121,0 K In June 1965, Gemini IV astronauts Ed White (first American to walk in space) and James McDivitt were passing over Hawaii in a Gemini spacecraft when they saw a weird-looking metallic object. The UFO had long arms sticking out of it. McDivitt took pictures with a cine-camera. Only one of those pictures have been released.
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With White asleep McDivitt reports an unidentified object. He manages to take some footage of the object on a movie camera that was mounted inside the capsule. The object was first spotted over the Hawaiian Islands. Later over the Caribbean both astronauts report seeing two more objects. One of the movie frames was released to the press and has been reprinted in many books including Frank Edward's book "Flying Saucers Serious Business". The photo shows an egg shaped object with a comet like trail or glow coming out of it. The movie camera was using 16mm Eastman color film shooting at 6 frames per second.

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The object was yellow - white in color. In the transcript that follows McDivitt is reporting to the Capsule Communicator;

29 40 45McDivitt:. . . Hawaii . . .
29 52 09CC:Gemini 4, Guaymas CAP COM
29 52 12McDivitt:Go ahead. Guaymas. Gemini 4.
29 52 14CC:Roger. We've got you green, how are you doing up there ?
29 52 17McDivitt:Fine. I just saw something else up here with me, but just as I was getting close enough to take a good picture the sun got in the way and l lost it.
29 52 26CC:Roger. We got some flight plan changes for you. Want to stand by to copy ?
29 52 29McDivitt:Yes. Stand by and let me see if I can find this thing again.
29 52 45McDivitt: . . . and there are a great number of thunderstorms around at the present time. Lightning is actually lighting up the interior of the spacecraft... activity ...thunderstorms . . .
29 53 35McDivitt:Okay. ,Go ahead. It doesn't look like I'm going to see him again.
29 57 09CC:That's affirm --- you still looking at the thing up there ?
29 57 12McDivitt:No I've lost it. It had big arms sticking out of it, it looked like. I only had it for just a minute. I got a couple of pictures with a movie camera and one with the Hasselblad; but I was in free drift, before I could get the control back I drifted and lost it.
29 57 29CC:Good show.

McDivitt has publicly denied having seen a aliencraft and states that the released picture was not the object that he saw. The released picture was a light reflection off the copilot's window. McDivitt believes that what he saw was a manmade satellite which was probably not acknowledged for defence security reasons. Unlike many of the astronauts McDivitt has been willing to speak about his incident with the public and press.